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Hi, I'm Marshal.

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at MCR Safety, a PPE manufacturing company based out of Collierville, Tennessee. There I mainly work on developing web apps for internal and external use using tools like jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular, create websites leveraging the powers of Sitecore, implement backend API integrations with third parties such as Amazon, AfterShip, and others, as well as provide basic support for these applications.

Out of these, I spend probably 80% of the time on the frontend, while my boss does most of the work on the backend.

As you get to know me, you'll realize I am very passionate about my work. It all started for me as a hobby back around my high school ages when I created a simple website out of necessity for a chess club I was running at the time. We needed a way to advertise and this was the cheapest option I came up with.

Things were a bit simpler then. The site was pretty much made of just HTML and CSS hosted on GoDaddy, but I soon branched out to include basic JavaScript and even some PHP (lol, I know right?). Definitely won't be doing that again.

For years, programming was just a hobby of mine. I fell in love with it from the beginning and soon went on to get my B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Memphis in 2019, along with a dual major in Mathematical Sciences. But who's counting? ;)

Two or so years later and I would still consider programming a hobby of mine. Even though it's my day job now, I hardly think of it as one.

Outside of programming, you can usually find me hanging with friends, at a bar or coffee shop, playing chess, or spending time with my family.

Reach out

Feel free to reach out via or social media if you'd like to chat. I'd love to hear from you. I most definitely won't do your homework though.

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